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Louisiana Farms

With its year around growing season, Louisiana is the perfect place for farms. We’ve listed some farms we’ve found and hope you will support them and maybe start a farm of your own!

Belle Ecorce Farms
St. Martinville, LA 70582
(337) 394-6683
Belle Ecorce Farms is a small farmstead and artisan cheese producer. Our licensed goat dairy and small fromagerie is located in South Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun Country. Belle Ecorce Farms is committed to making natural, old-world styles goat cheeses without the use of preservatives, additives, hormones, or antibiotics We make fresh, ripened, & aged (raw & pasturized milk) goat cheeses using French-Acadian artisinal methods.
What they offer: Artisan cheeses, goat milk cheeses

Berry Sweet Orchards
5110 Brown Road, Ethel, LA 70730
(225) 683-1001
Berry Sweet Orchards is Louisiana’s first state-certified organic “you-pick” blueberry orchard. Family owned and operated since 1990 by Cliff and Susan Muller. Along with several mouthwatering blueberry varieties to choose from, Berry Sweet Orchards also offers an array of other seasonal certified organic produce, including thornless blackberries, heirloom tomatoes, squash, melons, and more. Organic blueberry varieties at Berry Sweet Orchards include: Austin, Brightwell, Climax, Delite, Premier, Tifblue, and Woodard
What they offer: U PICK- organic blueberry, thornless blackberries, heirloom tomatoes, squash, melons, and more.

Blue Harvest Farms
78495 Highway 21, Covington, LA 70435
(985) 809-9967
Blue Harvest Farms is a You Pick ‘Em farm located in Covington at 78495 Highway 21. Blue Harvest Farms is commited to a natural approach to pest and weed control. NO CHEMICALS USED. Our focus is not only on the quality of the fruit, which we know will not disappoint, but the beauty of the land as well. COME WATCH US GROW! Please give us a call to check on weather conditions and possible changes in schedule.
What they offer: U PICK- organic blueberries

Brookshire Farm
8916 Brookshire Road, Abbeville LA, 70510
(337) 893-5115,
Brookshire Farm produces grass finished, dry aged beef, pastured veal, and meat goats. Our animals are fed on open pastures without growth supplements, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or other synthetic additives.
What they offer: Dry aged beef, pastured veal, meat goats

Covey Rise Farm
Husser, LA 70442
(985) 974-0031
We grow multiple varieties of over 30 types of vegetables throughout our growing season which is year round. Our Local Produce Club/CSA runs in the spring and fall during heart of the growing season and includes both cool and warm weather crops. We grow conventionally under the direction of a retired LSU Agriculture Professor, who acts as our crop consultant.
What they offer: CSA, Vegetables

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture.

EquiTerra Farm
12798 Muse Lane, Clinton LA 70722
(225) 683-8406
EquiTerra Farm is a small horse-powered organic farm 40 miles north of Baton Rouge. We raise pastured broilers free of hormones and antibiotics. Our farm fresh broilers graze on lush pastures grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We also raise premium quality blueberries, figs, muscadines, blackberries and assorted vegetables.
What they offer: Pastured broilers free of hormones and antibiotics, premium quality blueberries, figs, muscadines, blackberries and assorted vegetables.

Gotreaux Family Farms
205 Facile Road, Scott LA 70583
(337) 873-0383
Gotreaux Family Farms is a small-scale family farm that offers a variety of wholesome foods. Available to you are pastured poultry, ducks, lamb, eggs from pastured chickens and Tilapia fish which are all fresh on our farm and free from added chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.
What they offer: Pastured poultry, ducks, lamb, eggs from pastured chickens,Tilapia fish, turkeys for thanksgiving, veggies

Inglewood Farm
6287 Old Baton Rouge Hwy, Alexandria, LA 71302
(318) 442-6398
Inglewood Farm offers delicious, nutritious organic fruits & vegetables, forage-fed eggs, and all-natural pecans – locally grown and fairly priced. Our Harvest Market’s beautiful farm setting showcases our products as well as other local producers. Slow down your day with a short trip to our market and stock up on some healthy foods for your family. We are located in several cities throughout Louisiana. Let us know which you would like to receive your share of our bounty!
What they offer: CSA, Fresh vegetables and pasture raised meat

Local Cooling Farm
57355 Sam Mizell Rd, Bogalusa, LA 70427
(504) 234-3564
We raise American Guinea and Berkshire hogs, along with a variety of heritage breed chickens for eggs, and Freedom Ranger broilers for meat. We also have a herd of breeding goats and a breeding flocks of chickens, including Jersey Giants, Dominiques and Delawares. You can buy our eggs, pork, goat and chicken (seasonally available) at Laughing Buddha Nursery, or email or call Kate to arrange delivery (minimum order $20).
What they offer: Eggs, pork, goat, chicken, sausage

Port Hudson Organics
1340 Plains Port Hudson, Zachary, LA 70791
(225) 658-8526
Port Hudson Organics is located just outside of Zachary, Louisiana. We specialize in organically grown seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We are open to the public throughout the late spring and summer growing season, from mid-May through early September. This season, we have become beekeepers as well, and fresh honey is now available!
What they offer: Organically grown seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers, fresh honey

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